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The digital age is bringing tremendous changes in technology and business environment and is deeply influencing customer expectations. To ride the digital wave, you need a development methodology that can deliver better business value. Agile in combination with emerging technologies can deliver this and much more. The combination of Agile and emerging technologies will help to build IT applications that match the accelerating pace of changing business models. It will enable you to expand your innovative approach, ensure rapid time to market, accelerate your business potential, drive growth, and enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

Although Agile has the potential to deliver rapidly evolving software and bring in substantial business benefits, it requires entirely new practices / work culture from everyone concerned – IT and business team to shape products together. This transition is not easy as it involves changing deep-rooted cultural patterns and processes. HTC can guide you through the transformation, help you overcome challenges, and enable you to thrive in the changing world with its agile services and consulting.

HTC combines agile with lean by bringing in synergy across the three key aspects – people, process, and technology. Our Lean Agile Model is based on best practices from key agile methodologies from Scrum, Lean and Extreme programming. It leverages DevOps to promote Agile best practices to bring greater efficiencies across the development and operation phases. This enables quick and continuous delivery of high-quality software applications that meet clients’ stringent requirements.

HTC helps its clients to take Agile to the next level with wider and seamless adoption for delivering greater business value. However, this brings in numerous challenges – getting your teams communicating on the same wavelength, ensuring that you have the proper frameworks, clarifying processes, and scaling to meet business demand.

HTC’s Lean Agile training services can help you to optimize the value you receive from adopting the new, lean, and agile ways of working. We will ensure that your teams maximize their capability uplift, speedup transition, and reduce productivity decline all through the way. Our Lean Agile training and mentoring services focus on upskilling and refresher training, agile coaching and mentoring, project kick-off and facilitation, and on-the-job coaching and mentoring of agile teams, scrum masters, product owners, and managers. Our comprehensive Lean Agile services include:

  • Agile Executive Workshop
  • Agile Team Leader Bootcamp
  • Agile Academy for Teams
  • Agile DevOps Skills Training
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile DevOps Applications
  • DevOps Enablement
  • Agile Adoption Assessment
  • Agile Transformation
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