Work is changing, and so are workplaces

The landscape of work has undergone a sea change. From working out of the same physical space within regular office hours, teams now work from different geographical locations and time zones. Collaboration, meetings, even simultaneous work on the same artifact happens through digital tools over connected technologies. Tools and platforms available today allows employees to access corporate information assets securely from anywhere, at any time. To evolve the new work realities, organizations are investing in new kind of work environment – the Digital Workplace. From email to HR processes to collaboration tools, a complete Digital Workplace solution offers seamless integration, effective governance, and cloud-enabled architecture to encourage collaboration and productivity.

HTC’s Digital Workplace solution helps you move away from aging collaboration tools and migrate to advanced ones such as O365, Teams, Slack, and SharePoint. Our software factory methodology has enabled us to deliver dozens of applications on time and under budget. Our reusable components and repeatable Agile-based processes accelerate implementation times while maximizing quality and user adoption. Our Decompose/Recompose methodology enables us to break down large projects into manageable chunks and minimize custom coding.

Our Services

We understand your work culture and workforce priorities and give you an end-to-end workplace transformation plan best suited for your needs.

Our innovative solutions leverage AI, mobility, IoT, cloud, data analytics, and automation. It helps you to retain your best talent, increase productivity, minimize operational expenses, and elevate your core business.

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