Your users matter to us. And we know what they want. Explore our Experience Driven Design Services.

How customers and employees engage with websites and applications makes a big difference in the relationship they have with organizations. The measure of success today is how engaging your customer-facing applications and portals are, and how easily they help customers interact with you and get their tasks done. As a result, companies that bring a dedicated and thoughtful approach to designing their products and applications around verified customer needs easily edge past their competition.

Our UX team is part of our larger application development “super-practice”. We provide Experience Driven Design services grounded firmly in research, collaboration, and flexibility of approach. We closely study user behavior and preference and then design intelligent and elegant experiences aimed at making your engagement with your customers more interactive, insightful, and satisfying.

Why should you insist on a good UX design?

Great experiences have to be designed before they can be built. Based on that belief, our UX design services make sure the entire application development process is focused on meeting customer needs, (whether those customers are consumers, partners, or employees. We start with a strong customer experience design strategy that involves ensuring direct user studies to understand the different types of users, the contexts within which they work, and the objectives they have for using the product. Once that’s clarified, we undertake a collaborative design process involving key stakeholders to define workflows and interfaces that meet business needs and support user objectives. Building on mobile-first and minimalist design modalities, this iterative process ensures all affected parties have a voice in the solution design and builds consensus about what should get built. It’s time you leverage our UX design services and win big in your crucial UX journey.

A good UX design helps you achieve the following:
  • Increased stakeholder consensus
  • Broader user adoption
  • Faster time to market
  • More durable applications
  • Engaging customer experience
Our UX design principles:
  • Make it visually appealing (visual design)
  • Make it engaging (interactive/ social)
  • Make it work across devices (responsive design)
  • Make it usable (information architecture)
  • Make it right (strategic effectiveness)

Our XDD services

For us, user experience (UX) is not just an item on our checklist while we develop digital solutions and applications: it is a way of thinking, a belief that we hold close to our hearts and keep up right through the development process. Our expert developers and digital architects, leverage the best and emerging technologies, embrace user-centricity early in the process, and build solutions powered by our UI and UX design services that deliver value over time for our customers. From user research, information architecture, experience prototyping, visual design, usability engineering, user flows, and wireframes, count on us to create experiences that your people love!

User research

We deploy user observation, focus groups, competitive analysis, contextual analysis, traffic analytics, and surveys to deliverable comprehensive research plans, moderator guides, top-line findings, and personas to our clients.

Information architecture

We evaluate user research, design task-oriented navigational approach and develop information architecture and annotated wireframes to deliver comprehensive yet user friendly information architecture diagrams wireframes.

Usability and accessibility testing

We use paper prototypes, heuristic evaluation, user observation, A/B testing, analysis, and surveys to deliver the right testing plan, moderator guide, top-line findings, and detailed usability reports.

Experience prototyping

We deliver prototyping plan, focus group leadership, and iterative visual design to drive the client’s application development process and stakeholder engagement, while building consensus and helping visualize before building so that they require less redesign during development.

Web UI development

We deliver HTML/CSS templates and interactive page elements to ensure standards-based UI code, responsive design, maximum device compatibility and accessibility.

Visual design

Using a user-centered design approach, we create the right look for an engaging application, supporting both the brand and the end user.

Transforming User Interaction: AI-Powered Conversational UX
Experience (CX & DX)
Transforming User Interaction: AI-Powered Conversational UX
Wireframing The Future: AI-Powered UX Prototyping
Experience (CX & DX)
Wireframing The Future: AI-Powered UX Prototyping

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