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As SAP serves as the cornerstone for enterprises’ ambitious digital aspirations, there can’t be any slowdowns or disruptions. Conducting faster, more comprehensive testing of those mission-critical SAP applications holds the key. However, numerous challenges obstruct the path to SAP excellence, rendering manual testing inadequate.

The game-changer is SAP Test Automation. Yet, mastering the automation game demands finesse, agility, and cost-effectiveness. Success depends on proven best-practice-led frameworks, testing expertise, methodology, tool proficiency, and good process discipline, led by a mature testing organization.

Are you prepared to navigate this landscape with confidence? Explore HTC’s SAP Automation Testing Services, where expertise meets innovation to elevate your SAP vision to new heights.

Accelerate SAP Innovations with HTC’s SAP Test Automation Services

At HTC Global Services, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge test automation solutions tailored to SAP systems. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of leading automation tools to maximize the value of testing. Our proprietary tools, frameworks, and methodologies—maintained by an active, constantly improving Testing Practice—enable our clients to envision, transform, operate, and optimize SAP quality.

HTC leverages its expertise in Tricentis TOSCA, Selenium, Micro Focus UFT, and other advanced Quality Assurance methodologies to ensure the implementation of superior testing strategies, optimizing both efficiency and effectiveness. By applying HTC’s Conditional Test Model (CTM), we derive combinations of realistic and unusual circumstances, significantly reducing maintenance costs for test cases by up to 50%.

Our unique approach with Defect Deterrent Distributions (DDDs) creates an optimal mix of test case types, including Positive/Normal, Negative/Abnormal, Boundary Edge Value Analysis (BEVA), and environment/contextual controls, effectively reducing or preventing defect leakage. Through HTC’s Optimized Pathing Analysis, we achieve maximized test coverage with a minimal set of test cases, routinely delivering eight times more effective coverage.

Additionally, we utilize existing testing tools within a client environment, simplifying the testing landscape and optimizing investment in test automation tools for SAP environments.

Our innovative Micro Focus UFT-driven SAP test automation employs our streamlined Keyword Driven Framework. It scripts repetitive business functionalities into reusable libraries for maximum efficiency and stability.


  • Standardized tool utilization ensures consistent automation quality across all SAP modules.
  • Intuitive design integrates seamlessly with ALM for quick SAP transactions.
  • Comprehensive function libraries simplify script execution.
  • Automated reporting provides effective insights powered by a specialized library of log functions.
  • Customizable framework allows for easy modification across different projects and automation tools, ensuring reusability and reducing efforts.


  • Enjoy 100% reliability with our utility scripts and report packs.
  • Empower non-technical consultants to generate automation scripts effortlessly.
  • Experience a significant reduction in testing cycle time and maintenance costs.
  • Benefit from a robust and stable testing process bolstered by comprehensive error and exception handling.

Embrace the future of SAP test automation with our TOSCA-based framework. Our integration model leverages TOSCA’s robust tools for a comprehensive, scalable automation solution.

Framework Insights:

  • Strategic integration with Rally and ALM, leveraging TOSCA Connect and TaskTop ensures synchronized efforts.
  • Efficient configuration using the TOSCA Wizard ensures optimal performance and security.
  • Centralized control through TOSCA Commander that orchestrates automation activities, while the TOSCA Data Server and Executor work manages test data and execution with precision
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins facilitates seamless testing within your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Advanced Reporting with TOSCA BI delivers actionable insights in Excel and PDF formats.

Framework Advantages:

  • Enhanced testing flexibility shifts test automation farther left in the development cycle.
  • Higher test coverage with reusable components across SAP modules.
  • Scalable solution fosters cohesive testing environments.

The HTC Advantage: Comprehensive Test Automation Services At Every Stage For SAP Excellence

Testing Center Of Excellence

Elevate your SAP testing standards with our cutting-edge environment driving innovation and growth.

Strategic Consultation

Navigate your SAP environment with expert guidance and choose the right automation tools and methodologies for maximum value.

Extensive Experience

Tap into our wealth of knowledge from SAP ECC and S/4 Hana implementations across global firms.

Strong Tools Expertise

Harness our proven expertise in Tricentis TOSCA, Selenium, Micro Focus UFT, and other tools to unleash automation excellence.

Highly Experienced Team

Scale your projects with confidence, backed by our team of SAP Experts and certified test automation professionals.

Real-World SAP Performance Testing

Progress swiftly, reduce time-to-value, and minimize business disruption with our expertise in creating and executing real-world SAP performance tests, delivering clear results in straightforward language.

Transition to DevOps

Streamline your transition to a DevOps Lifecycle with automated Smoke Testing and Build Integration.

Practical Automation

Accelerate your automation efforts with our library of tailored SAP Scripts, saving time and effort.

What We’ve Achieved for Others, We Can Achieve for You

What We’ve Achieved for Others, We Can Achieve for You

Our unique Automation Solutions for SAP Testing have delivered remarkable benefits to numerous clients, enabling them to:
    • Achieve a 60% reduction in rework with our flexible SAP automation solution.
    • Automate 65% of regression tests, smoothing release cycles.
    • Cut test automation setup costs by 75% through a streamlined plug-and-play approach.
    • Slash test execution time per iteration by 88% with effective automation scripts.
    • Optimize test scripts and execution, significantly reducing total cost of ownership.
    • Attain an impressive success rate, with over 90% of scripts flawlessly executing in regression runs without manual intervention.

Automate SAP Testing. Accelerate Success.
SAP Test Automation Services
Automate SAP Testing. Accelerate Success.
Fueling SAP Goals With Tricentis Test Automation Excellence
Success Story
SAP Automation Testing
Fueling SAP Goals With Tricentis Test Automation Excellence
A US Automaker Sees A 75% Reduction In Test Automation Implementation Time
Success Story
Test Automation Solution
A US Automaker Sees A 75% Reduction In Test Automation Implementation Time

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