Championing Diverse Cloud Environments with Automation

Cloud Hyper Automation Platform


The growing adoption of diverse cloud environments – hybrid, multi-cloud, and others, is leading to a complex landscape and hindering the cloud modernization journey. IT and cloud admin teams are finding it difficult to manually orchestrate and scale cloud applications and resources, leading to redundancy and inconsistency.

In this webinar, HTC experts talk about Cloud Hyper Automation and ways of streamlining your cloud landscape that allow you to dynamically scale your cloud and meet varying demand.

Key discussion points of the webinar include the following:
  • Automate delivery and configuration of cloud infra as per business demand
  • Track cloud provisioning requests with centralized monitoring dashboard
  • Reimagine the role of data and compute and unify your cloud environments
  • Improve performance, availability, and efficiency of your diverse cloud resources
  • Integrate with existing ITSM tools to enhance the entire IT process

The webinar also covers a live demo of our offering - Cloud Hyper Automation Management Platform (CHAMP).


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