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HTC’s Clinical Resolution Center

HTC’s Clinical Resolution Center

Helping healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of healthcare IT.

Healthcare technology is advancing. Is your support desk matching the pace? Traditional ‘help desks’ are the last straw for hurried, impatient, and exhausted healthcare professionals. The need of the hour is dedicated clinical resolution centers, where a higher level of critical analysis and support is provided on the first call and without wait-queues. But we get it—budgets, resources, and time constraints can be roadblocks to modernization.

Let's make these issues a thing of the past. Watch this video to discover our Clinical Resolution Center and why numerous healthcare businesses rely on us to provide their doctors, lab technicians, nurses, and staff with immediate, dependable IT support.

We boast of a 73% first-call resolution rate, handling over 4 million contacts annually, and maintaining a 93% measured end-user satisfaction rate.


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