Leveraging AI to bolster predictive modelling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps businesses to reduce costs, accelerate productivity, enhance agility, and meet changing market requirements. Seamlessly blending artificial with human intelligence and applying Machine Learning to your data can help you reimagine end-to-end business processes and get big benefits.

We at HTC have blazed a trail in this area, thanks to our proven ability to develop scalable tools and leverage machine and deep learning models and solve real-world problems. We offer a range of tailor-made solutions across ML, AI, OCR, deep learning, neural networks and predictive modelling, among others.

Our consultants are adept at maximizing the benefits offered by cutting-edge technologies like Tensorflow, Microsoft Azure, OpenCV, Google ML, Google Vision and IBM Watson, among others. Our expansive suite of products comprises ontology-based recommendation system, NLP-based résumé search and matching, document comparison and sentiment analysis tool and next best action.

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