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Managing your historical patient and employee data from outdated systems is expensive, time-consuming, and can be a security risk. Yet, the data needs to be retained, and it needs to be quickly and easily accessible. The challenge has a name – legacy decommissioning. And iDoc Archive can help you outsmart the challenges by effectively decommissioning your legacy forays.

iDoc™ Archive is HTC’s secure, cost-effective solution for storing and archiving healthcare information from legacy systems. Whether you are retiring old systems or moving to a new system, iDoc™ Archive helps you easily convert, safely store, and access your healthcare information.

Partner with us, and transform the way you provide world-class healthcare services.

One powerful, comprehensive solution

iDoc™ Archive hosting

  • 100% fully hosted
  • Detailed retention module w/auto purging
  • Unlimited data formats and conversions
  • Unlimited user licencing
  • Active Archive options
  • Direct access to historical patient charts from EMR
  • Full audit trail reporting

Data migration and conversions

  • Vendor-neutral archive
  • Direct HL7 engine connectivity
  • Full RAD/DICOM support
  • Bulk upload support through VPN
  • Custom report configuration to match legacy reporting

Retention and purging

  • User interface for retention policy configuration
  • Detailed purge indexing
  • Purge queue monitoring and approval process
  • Sustain compliance and regulation

EMR integration

  • Simply web link from EMR to Archive
  • MRN & Account level access
  • AD integration
  • File export/upload

Over 100 Million Records And Half A Billion Documents Archived

Why do Healthcare clients choose iDoc™ Archive time and again?

Clear-cut, easy-to-determine pricing.

Clear-cut, easy-to-determine pricing.

You’ll know what to expect with iDoc™ Archive. The cost is a simple monthly service fee and is determined by data type, amount, and conversions needed.

Easy To Learn And Easy To Use

Easy To Learn And Easy To Use

iDoc™ Archive is easy to learn and use, requires minimal user training. Your physicians and staff can focus on delivering real-time patient care.

Flexibility – Supports Multiple Formats And Provides EMR Integration

Flexibility – Supports Multiple Formats And Provides EMR Integration

iDoc™ Archive makes it easy to combine all health information from multiple systems and facilities into one easy-to-access central repository.

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