iDoc Fax Management

HIPAA Compliant, Secure, Cloud Faxing For Healthcare

iDoc Fax Management

Implement cost-effective, secure faxing at speed and scale

Faxing is still a fairly common practice within healthcare systems and remains the method by which providers communicate with clinics, hospitals, patients, pharmacists, and insurance providers. However, traditional and on-prem fax infrastructure implementation and data exchange requires expertise as it presents a host of workflow challenges and risks and is often associated with IT overheads.

Today, cloud-based fax management services that are HIPAA-compliant offer a simpler way for healthcare providers to manage faxing and also maintain a secure environment, all while improving overall workflows. With 22+ years of experience in delivering healthcare IT to hundreds of hospitals across the U.S., we offer cloud-based iDoc Fax management, a reliable online document delivery and faxing solution for the healthcare industry.

Your Digital-step For Efficient Health Data Exchange

HTC’s iDoc Fax management is your one-stop-solution to modernize your fax infrastructure and implement cost-effective, secure faxing at speed and scale. Whether your organization would like to move away from manual faxing and/or is looking to strengthen their PHI data storage and, at the same time, increase faxing capabilities and workflow, our iDoc faxing application delivers.

Our fax management tools allow your facility to convert to a digital faxing process that is more secure and cost-effective, all while streamlining your workflow and automating document delivery directly into your EMR.

Leveraging the cloud, we ensure all faxed data and documentation is stored in an off-site secure data center that is highly monitored and fully HIPAA compliant. Your facilities team can access all PHI, medical documentation, and faxing functionalities through a secure web-based application.

Why iDoc Fax Management

  • Streamlines nearly all aspects of medical document communications
  • Improves efficiencies by reducing manual paper-handling processes
  • Provides a secure HIPAA compliant environment
  • Eliminates physical fax equipment and systems
  • Enhances patient and employee satisfaction
  • Improve patient orders & scheduling
  • Improve outside patient record integration

Prominent Features and Functionalities

  • Managed and hosted at our SSAE-16 SOC-2-compliant Data Center
  • 24/7 Helpdesk to support your critical fax data
  • Simplified user access though active directory domain accounts
  • EMR integration- direct encrypted healthcare documentation uploads into the patient records
  • Fax queue management and notifications
  • Fax documentation workflow with routing and approvals
  • Corporate email to distribute faxed documents
  • HIPAA audit trail compliant
  • Record retention setup with auto purge capability

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