iDoc Patient Financial Services

Improving the health of your revenue process

iDoc Patient Financial Services

Consolidate and Organize your Revenue Cycle Documentation

The complicated healthcare payment infrastructure and increasingly complex regulations and compliance standards put pressure on the providers’ revenue cycle management process. Having assistance with your healthcare-specific revenue cycle management system—an application that helps consolidate and organize all related patient billing information in a single repository while also keeping a focus on compliance and patient support—is critical. By providing quick access to supporting information, you can improve customer service and provide efficiencies in the payment process.

HTC’s iDoc Patient Financial Services Repository (PFS) solution offers robust capabilities for content management, EMR and billing integrations, and data conversion, which can all work in tandem to optimize cash flow and improve patient relations.

iDoc PFS – HTC’s Support Application For Revenue Cycle Management Departments

The iDoc PFS Repository is a centralized application that brings together disparate data from multiple systems and vendors and stores patient-related billing information for easy access and retrieval. With a built-in interface engine, it allows for real-time patient account data to be synchronized with the EMR. The engine also has connectivity and conversion tools for auto uploads of the following file types: HL7, EDI/835, Claim forms, EOBs, Checks/Coupons, RAs, etc. All these different file types can come in from outside systems such as payers and banks to be combined into the repository and filed for easy access.

Our Distinguishing Revenue Cycle Management Support Solutions

  • Fully hosted solution
  • Ease of access
  • All financial documentation in one system for reference
  • EMR/Billing system linking
  • Synchronized to Patient MRN/ Account
  • Interfacing and Automated uploads
EMR & Bill system Integration
  • Integrated HIS Interface engine
  • Real-time ADT (Patient account information)
Data Conversion
  • Document consolidation
  • Auto uploads from all sources/systems
  • EDI/835 readable conversion
  • Claim form data population (readable forms)
  • Bank – Lockbox Interface

Why iDoc PFS

Easy To Learn And Easy To Use

iDoc™ is easy to learn and easy to use. It requires a minimal amount of training time to get your staff acclimated.

Flexible and Integration-ready

Interface compatibility with all major business and clinical systems and is flexible to support any type of documentation, including EDI, EOBs, Correspondence, Invoices, Checks, etc.

Take advantage of a hosted solution

Stop worrying about IT infrastructure, hardware or storage costs, redundancy, backups, and more. With a hosted solution you’ll benefit from less IT staff burden and the elimination of hardware investments and support.

Exceptional service and support

Get the support you need! The best Patient Financial content solution comes with exceptional professional services for each and every customer.

Pricing options that are easy to live with

Whether you’re considering our Software as a Service model or Point of Sale model, we will work closely with you to develop a pricing plan that fits your organization’s budget and operational needs. Save real money with iDoc™!

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