Contextual, hyper-personal, on-demand conversations for your customers

Today, amidst increasing channels, touchpoints, and interactions, you need exceptional capabilities to provide the best possible customer experience. And Smart Communications products promise that and more.

Partner with us for pure and hybrid cloud-driven SmartCOMM deployments. We are a System Integrations (SI) partner of Smart Communications, providing advisory, managed services, and implementation services. With our vast customer experience management, we help digital businesses not just manage customer communications but orchestrate conversations that are contextually relevant, hyper-personal, and win customers’ loyalty.

Our deep experience in CCM / CRM technologies, complementary capabilities, SmartCOMM-specific pre-built accelerators, and vast network of SmartCOMM-trained professionals ensure that you get the maximum out of your Smart Communications investments. With our synergetic partnership, find an altogether better way to engage customers.

Our capabilities

SMARTCOMM, SMARTIQ, SMARTDX – Scale up your customer conversations with our end-to-end Smart Communications services.

Transformation roadmap strategy

Adopt an approach that accelerates your customer communication management. Strategize product evaluation, selection, document migration/conversion, and implementation.

Product configuration and administration

Get the most out of SmartCOMM with our expert services across application setup, business process customizations, and rule-based content handling.

Integrating communication channels and content messaging

Gain velocity with SmartCOMM’s deployment-ready integrations powered by a rich API set. Let our experts ensure rapid integrations of your communications channels.

Document rationalization, designing, authoring, testing and publishing

Unlock the full potential of SmartCOMM functionalities with our end-to-end document transformation services, and publish the documents across channels in one go.

HTC’s SmartCOMM Accelerators

  • Duck Creek & SmartCOMM Integration framework connects core systems with CCM tools, supporting all modes of Forms Requests, Online, Batch, and Interactive.
  • Amazon Echo Integration framework helps customers request policy details with voice support.
  • Integration plug-ins accelerate integration with any source system built on any technology.
  • Data comparison framework helps compare data between transactions and showcases the results in graphical view.
  • AI/ML-based customer communication solution aids effective customer service email distribution.
  • RPA-powered solution framework helps compare generated output channels using automated workflows.
  • Document Checker framework helps in automation of template test results by comparing with the base templates using the AI and ML techniques resulting in zero errors and faster forms validations.

HTC+ SmartCOMM : Achieve impressive results quickly and efficiently

  • System Integrations (SI) partner of Smart Communications
  • Strong experience serving the US, Singapore, and Australia markets
  • Extensive end-to-end experience in

    • Developing transformation roadmap
    • Developing product migration strategy to cloud
    • Document migration and conversion from legacy to modern platforms.
  • Track record of multiple successful implementations of simple to complex projects

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