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To realize faster growth in this competitive market, organizations must quickly collect data and accurately analyze it.  It is important to obtain actionable insights of the market continuously and act on the changing needs immediately. Therefore, it is essential to act on real-time data for business advantages.

HTC’s comprehensive BI and Analytics services help you convert your data into timely and actionable insights by unlocking hidden opportunities and insights to sharpen and quicken decision making.

Case Study

Improved Buying Decisions
Improved Buying Decisions
Our Business Intelligence Reports application for a leading women's fashion retailer enabled obtaining information on sales of fashion goods which supported appropriate buying decisions


Accountable Care Organization & Analytics

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a collection of hospitals, physicians, specialists, pharmacies, labs, and other healthcare providers who agree to work together for providing coordinated, high quality, and efficient patient care at low cost. The objective of ACOs is to treat a defined population by optimizing cost and quality through integrated care. Analytics can play a major role in achieving high quality medical care at low costs. It provides clarity and transparency on the overall health of the patient population falling under the umbrella of the ACO.

Big Data and BI2

With Business Intelligence (BI), a business can predict events based on what happened earlier and the impact. It handles large volumes of data from different sources and uses data in any form to help businesses make up-to-date decisions. All BI programs have a possible effect on accelerating and refining decision making and identifying the areas for enhancing internal business processes. Business Analysis (BA) on the other hand can throw light on various hidden things data can reveal.

Academic Counselling Solution

International education is a highly confusing, complicated, involves acute competition, peer pressure, stress, and difficulty of choosing the right career choices. Education counselling is a comprehensive support system that aids students in getting the right information. The academic counsellors are the advisors who assist students to improve their academic and career plan and discuss with them how the advised course will fit their academic interest. They also assist students in getting the required support from offices of the selected University.

White Paper

Healthcare organizations have collection of varied patient data that can be harnessed to improve and restructure to get insights into better patient care, reduce costs, improved patient monitoring, and an enhanced satisfaction to patients. Business Intelligence and Analytics can accomplish all this by recognizing patterns, revealing trends, and providing greater insights that can make a huge difference in the performance as also the ROI.

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