Keep Pace with Changing Times and Improve Business Outcomes


The changing times demand new IT talent as IT supports business operations. Hiring the right talent will help you to keep pace with the changing times, enhance efficiency, bring in organizational transformation, and improve business outcomes. You need a digital-ready workforce to realize your strategic business goals and improve business outcomes.

Organizational surveys indicate that over 60% of the organizations rate their talent planning and management activities as ineffective and out of step with current needs. The changing times have made the traditional resource recruitment and retention models irrelevant and ineffective. Getting the right talent is highly challenging and the demand for skilled talent outstrips supply. Leveraging the talent management services of a talent services provider will help organizations to keep pace with the changing times and improve business outcomes.

HTC’s Talent Services

HTC is a leading global provider of IT and Business Process services and solutions. Additionally, HTC also provides a wide range of client centric and flexible, talent services across technologies and domains. We provide a wide range of strategic solutions to fulfill talent requirements after a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, work culture, and expectations. Our core recruitment team has extensive experience in recruiting top-notch professionals having the best blend of technical and functional expertise, soft skills, attitude, and commitment. We help you to get the job done and realize business goals on target and within budget.

HTC’s strategic solutions bridge your talent gaps by providing the talent you need now and in future.

Talent Now:
We focus on people, processes, and tools. Our recruiters’ understand your requirements, identify the right candidates, and present the vetted talent to you.

Strategic Staffing:
In case of difficulty in obtaining specific skills, our consulting-services background helps us fill the roles you need. Our technology partnerships and dedicated practices permit us to help you stay tuned with the fast-changing technical landscape and provide the talent you need now and in the future.

Talent Management:
We source large teams quickly and consistently, plan, onboard, and manage talent to provide cost-effective and predictable managed services, demand management, and hybrid delivery models.
HTC’s success as a leading global provider of IT and Business Process services and solutions is due to its people. Our partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations help us to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions. Our talent services are built around our core recruitment team, local and global sourcing models, IT delivery capabilities, business-solution expertise, and thousands of consultants.

HTC Aligns Talent Strategy with Business Strategy and Business Goals
HTC’s talent services will supplement your IT capabilities, help you to keep pace with the changing times, and improve business outcomes. We align talent strategy with business strategy and business goals by:

  • Bridging talent gaps by providing the talent you need now and in the future
  • Meeting short/long-term business objectives
  • Meeting the evolving IT, business, and market needs
  • Driving efficiency, bringing about organizational transformation, and enabling you to realize your strategic business goals

Key Benefits

  • Any skill set, legacy to modern – we maintain a large database of professionals having niche technical and domain skills
  • Simplified, streamlined, and seamless recruitment process – this includes employee background screening, selection, hiring, and onboarding. Each professional is selected after thorough assessment and verification of previous employment history
  • Short Term / Long Term / Permanent / Full Time / Contractual / Contract to Hire with quick ramp up / ramp down facility to meet your exact requirements on time, every time
  • Whenever and wherever – whether you operate in one country or in multiple countries, we can provide local and global sourcing of resources to support your talent strategy
  • A single resource or a team of resources of any size with a wide combination of skill sets
  • 24×7 recruitment for speedy turnaround
  • Reduced overall recruiting costs
  • Consistent high rate of candidate retention, well above industry standards
  • Continuous performance follow-up to ensure that our resources meet your requirements
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