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As the push to go digital and get more from existing resources intensifies, the need for companies to empower their workers through technology increases. Automation helps businesses to cut costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience, and will play a big role in deciding how companies scale and compete in the digital future.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses intelligent retainable software robots to emulate human actions and decision-making, and automates them so that you can rapidly scale and diversify business operations without compromising on speed and accuracy. The biggest advantage of RPA is that it is a low-risk and non-invasive technology. This permits it to be overlaid on any existing system, allowing the creation of a platform to introduce more sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning tools.

At HTC, we leverage our strong industry and domain expertise to identify areas relevant for intelligent automation and implement custom-made RPA solutions for our clients. We manage enterprise-wide RPA through our superior tools, frameworks and processes, as well as our Centers of Excellence, R&D labs and Digital Innovation Campus.

BOTMAN, HTC’s proprietary RPA reporting framework can handle the functions of multiple bots through a central control room, allowing the client to monitor individual utilization and make informed decisions.

What processes are best suited for RPA implementation?

Finance and Accounting

Automating complex journal entries, account reconciliations, allocations, maintaining fixed-asset accounts, mailroom and scanning, invoice processing, controls and validations, exception handling, vendor helpdesk, travel and expense processing, audits / reporting


Invoice management, CRM


Data processing and validation, audit / reporting


Invoice processing / order management, requisition-to-purchase order, BOM generation, reports automation, system reconciliation


Customer profiling, billing data management, user preference/ information update


Lead generation

Human Resources

Payroll, flagging data errors, audit reporting, deductions calculation, data integration and validation, hiring / onboarding, employment history verification, candidate management, data migration and entry, data validation

Claims Management

Claim creation, claims processing, data validation, audit / reporting

Contact Center

Customer service / L1 Support

Our core RPA service categories

Our core RPA service categorie
  • Unstructured Data Processing (Voice / Digitized Documents / Videos)
  • Process Automation / Engineering
  • Data Aggregation / Reconciliation
BOTMAN: HTC’s RPA Reporting Tool
With BOTMAN, our proprietary RPA tool, you get the following benefits:
  • Synchronizes with Control Room / Orchestrator to identify each bot
  • Identifies and records each of the bot deployed with unique ID and records the data that flow through it
  • Allows the user to view the status of the particular bot and the various operations performed by it at a specified period
  • Provides dashboard to view the bot execution and transaction details
  • Allows to configure exception flow definition
  • Helps user to monitor the utilization of each bot with respect to various processes
  • Assists user to measure the cost saved by implementing the bot and the ROI benefits

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