Trim your applications development budget and focus more on your business

Modernize your legacy systems for improved agility and efficiency

Digital transformation imposes enormous pressure on enterprises that rely on legacy IT to keep pace with the continuously evolving customer expectations and market conditions. As a result, business demands that their applications evolve for rapid innovation, cloud adoption, increasing data streams and expectations for mobile access. Valued production applications, using older architectures, unsupported hardware and software configurations designed to address the needs of earlier eras cost more to support, impede timely reaction to business demands and increase risk of regulation non-compliance.

If your productions and operations resources are committed to running legacy systems, you are likely challenged to keep pace with the needs of today’s business. Organizations focused on maintaining current production systems encounter challenges allocating resources to support leading edge technology on legacy platforms.

HTC assists organizations execute the go-fast initiatives that transform business, and the go-steady requirements for enriching agility, enhancing runtime performance, increasing data processing speed, enabling cross-selling in new application, and running hassle-free business. Our Application Modernization Services empower organizations as they transition their investment from existing applications into production-ready modern solution architectures.

Our high quality, low-cost, fast delivery, end-to-end solutions can quickly understand the entire suite of applications, propose and deliver application specific modernization strategies that reduce support costs, thus freeing up resources to be re-invested to impact business growth and profitability.

With our proven expertise, integrated services, and technical accelerators, we customize the solution approach to fit your unique requirements, control risk, and drive down costs. We build innovation and business transformation into application modernization with tool-assisted migration of your existing production functionality into your future architecture, enabling future business innovations.

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